What Diamond Cuts Are Meant for You?

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What are you waiting for? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of diamond and gem cuts so you can explore the one that best exemplifies your personal style and story! Then, our team at ViaRaz will help you get started with your custom design and deliver a jewelry concierge service like none other in the industry! Let’s get started!

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Diamond Cuts

The cut of your diamond is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make when creating your custom designed jewelry. When choosing how your diamond or gem is cut, you’ll want to think about the shape, as this very important diamond characteristic (cut) will have an impact on the overall style and appeal of your finished jewelry design.

When you work with ViaRaz, you’ll be working with only the best gem cutters and artisans in the industry, and we guarantee to deliver to you the custom jewelry design of your dreams, complete with properly faceted diamonds and gems you’re sure to fall in love with at first sight.


Round Cut Diamond

Round cut diamonds, commonly referred to as the “round brilliant,” are the most popular cut of diamonds. They have 58 facets, which give the diamond a beautiful brilliance. Due to the way the facets are carefully crafted for the most brilliance, there is so much beauty in the way light reflects off of these diamonds. This diamond cut is great for modern and multi-diamond designs!


Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds have a very distinct square shape with rounded corners. They are referred to as cushion cuts due to the cushion-like shape of the diamond. A high-quality cushion cut diamond will have many facets on its surface, which make its fire and brilliance quite beautiful. These diamonds can give any custom design a more vintage feel!


Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamonds are wonderful for creating a large surface area with a beautiful angular look that gives the diamond great clarity. Usually, emerald cut diamonds are rectangular, but they can also be cut in a square shape as well. These diamonds are a great bang for your buck if you’re looking for something with the same carat weight but want a larger surface area on your design. It can also be friendlier to your budget and is a great modern design!


Radiant Cut Diamond

In 1977, Henry Grossbard designed the radiant cut diamond, which was supposed to combine all the best elements of a round brilliant cut diamond and an emerald cut diamond. Since then, it has been popular for its gorgeous brilliance and fire, coming from its 70 facets. This radiant diamond, like the emerald cut diamond, is perceived to have a larger size than other diamonds of the same size. This diamond cut is beautiful for anyone who loves to sparkle!


Asscher Cut Diamond

An Asscher cut diamond is octagonal with a square shape and many layered facets. There are two types of Asscher cuts, the standard Asscher cut and the Royal Asscher cut diamond. These gorgeous diamonds are reminiscent of the art deco period, so these sparkling beauties can offer the vintage feel you may be looking for.


Rose Cut Diamond

Rose cut diamonds are antique cut diamonds, whose cut dates back to the 16th century. This diamond has a domed top, with several facets that resemble the petals of a rosebud. Some rose cut diamonds have as few as 3 facets while some have as many as 27 facets. These diamonds tend to have a larger surface area, so they have a much larger perceived size than other diamonds.

Rose cut diamonds are not cut to optimize the brilliance and fire of the diamond, so you will find this diamond has a little less sparkle. This is perfect for someone looking for a unique or antique design.


Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise cut diamonds are known for their boat-like or eye shape. With 58 facets and a beautiful elongating shape, marquise cut diamonds are known for making the wearer’s fingers seem slimmer and longer.

You’ll want to make sure that your diamond’s length to width ratios are to your liking. Usually, the ratio is 1.90. Your personal ViaRaz jeweler can also assist you with helping find the proper setting, which will help you avoid any chips.

This diamond is great for any vintage style design as it was named by French King Louis XV in the 18th century! It can also be an incredible way to add something unique to your design.


Oval Cut Diamond

An oval cut diamond is a fancy shaped diamond that offers an elongated look and a larger surface area for its wearers. This diamond’s perceived larger and elongated size is very slimming to the hands and fingers. You’ll want to choose a diamond with a length to width ratio you enjoy.

An oval cut diamond has great brilliance and fire as well, making it a sparkling sensation. For someone who is active and likes a modern look, this diamond is great because it has no sharp edges, which makes it harder to chip.


Princess Cut Diamond

This square-shaped diamond is one of the most popular brilliant cut diamonds! Princess cut diamonds are known for their gorgeous shape and shine and are often used in engagement rings.

They also typically have 2-4 chevron patterns and 50-58 facets. With a two-chevron pattern, you are more likely to see a lot of white shine and with a four-chevron pattern, you will get more of the rainbow shine as well. This gem is a beautiful modern diamond for any design.


Use a Sparkling Diamond In Your Next Custom Jewelry Design with ViaRaz!

Now that you know which diamond cuts are a good fit for you, you’ll be ready to start gathering inspiration for your dream custom design. Start gathering images of jewelry you like with your choice of diamond cuts, and your ViaRaz jeweler will help you create the perfect final design!

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