Lab Diamonds Education


ViaRaz has been at the cutting edge of the diamond industry for over 30 years. Today, we’re proud to offer beautifully cut and ethically produced lab grown diamonds as an option for clients interested in an alternative to the natural product.  Like all ViaRaz diamonds, our man-made diamonds come only from sources fully committed to environmentally and socially responsible processes, and we remain fully dedicated to providing you with complete and accurate information regarding your purchase.

What are Man-made Diamonds?

Man made – often called ‘lab grown’ diamonds are in fact real diamonds with the same physical and chemical makeup as naturally formed diamonds. The primary difference is that they weren’t created in nature over a billion years ago. Rather, they were created in a manufacturing facility in just a few weeks’ time, under conditions that simulate those occurring more than 100 miles beneath the surface of the earth.

Exceptional Value and Responsible Sourcing – Always

Every ViaRaz diamond is conflict free and responsibly sourced, whether it’s man-made or natural. We’re dedicated to an ethical and sustainable supply chain – and to providing you with the best value available across a full range of options.

It’s Your Choice

It’s our mission at ViaRaz to share our diamond expertise with you, providing honest, accurate, complete information and offering you a variety of options to suit your needs and interests. We understand that lab grown diamonds aren’t for everyone. Your relationship and your perspective are unique, so we believe you should have the opportunity to make a fully informed choice about what’s best for you. We’re here to help you do just that – with a wide variety of options and expert advice to make it easy.