Create Your Dream Nontraditional Engagement Ring With ViaRaz

When it Comes To Customized Jewelry, You Deserve a Concierge Experience!

Right now, nontraditional engagement rings are growing in popularity for couples as a unique way to represent their love. This symbol has become more and more important as wedding events have become uncertain during these times. A beautiful and unique ring can be a great way to represent forever together before the big wedding event happens.

What would it be like to present your partner with a unique engagement ring that is a beautiful representation of your love story together? Create a gorgeous nontraditional option with varieties of center gemstones and metals for you to choose from for your ring.

Representing your love story through custom jewelry can be a great alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. It all starts with a one-on-one consultation, where we take the time to meet with you and learn what would make your custom creation take your partner’s breath away.

Why You Should Consider a Nontraditional Engagement Ring

Creating a unique engagement ring can be difficult when all you’re stuck with is traditional engagement rings as options. When you work with ViaRaz, we take a nontraditional approach to your nontraditional ring.

Choose the gemstone and metal that have the most meaning to your partner. Whether you want to use a white diamond, black diamond, or other colored gemstone, we’ve got you covered with top-quality gemstone choices. Choose from a variety of metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and more.

Instead of struggling with premade styles, create a one of a kind engagement ring you know your partner will love. Here are a few reasons why people choose custom non-traditional engagement rings.

Showcase Your Story

A unique ring design can be a great way to showcase your love story to your partner. Bring the special moments you’ve had together right to your partner’s hand. Every time they look at their ring, they’ll be brought back to your love story, reminding them of spending forever together. With our custom creations, we’ll blow your loved one away with a ring that will represent the beginning of the next phase of your relationship.

Make Your Ring Wearable

Creating a non-traditional engagement ring comes with one big question…What gemstone will actually be wearable forever? You can find a gemstone you like, but if it isn’t hard enough, is affected by the sun over time, or clouds up over time, it won’t last forever. With our high-quality gemstone choices, we can help you pick the perfect ring feature gemstone that will live up to forever. Sapphire and ruby gemstones can be great alternative gemstone options for your engagement ring design.

Match Your Partner’s Style

For some people, traditional rings just don’t align with their style. For someone who has a more unique style and taste, a custom engagement ring can be a great option. Match your partner’s style with the ring you create.

For example, creating a vintage-inspired band with a non-traditional gemstone or uniquely cut diamond. Choose a gemstone that is wearable, while resembling the colors and style that resonates with your partner, so they can feel comfortable showing off their ring every day.

After giving your partner a customized engagement ring that they’ll love, you can even design a wedding band together that matches their engagement ring style. This way they can have a matching wedding ring set that they can feel excited to wear.

If any of these points resonate for you, a non-traditional, custom-designed ring is a great route to take to impress your partner. We’ll spend time getting to know you and your needs for this design to create the perfect fine jewelry piece for your future spouse. That’s the benefit of a jewelry concierge!

Making Your Custom Design a Reality with ViaRaz

At ViaRaz, we provide you with a personalized and luxury jewelry concierge experience, so you have the best experience possible for the beginning-to-end creation of your customized engagement ring. Our “nontraditional” sales style gives you the customer support and customization you want with a price you’ll absolutely love.

Breaking Down the Custom Jewelry Design Process

At ViaRaz, we work with your schedule and meet wherever and whenever is most convenient for you, in person or via phone or video call. This unique experience and process will create a uniquely personalized ring for your loved one.

Then, you’ll choose from our high-end gemstone options. We’ll show you your options in person or in a high-quality 3D image, so you can pick the best gemstone to represent your love story. In addition, we take into account your preferences, likes, and dislikes when creating your custom-designed fine jewelry.

Next, our master jewelers will create a customized ring, so your partner can experience the extraordinary when they receive their ring. Give them jewelry that will last and remind them of your special love story or how much they mean to you in your life!

Creating something special and unique for your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us sweep you and your partner off your feet with a piece you can use to remember your love forever.

Book a consultation to get started creating the ring of your dreams.