Be On-Trend with Oval Engagement Rings From ViaRaz

Oval Engagement Rings are the Hottest Bridal Style For 2022!

Want to Pop the Question with Something Non-Traditional? Opt for an Oval Cut Diamond!

So many diamond cuts, so little time! Listen, we at ViaRaz get it! Gone are the days of having to settle for “just another traditional diamond” to place in your engagement ring or wedding band.

At ViaRaz, we’re proud to be the premier diamond concierge service in the jewelry industry, and we understand that ring buyers are beginning to seek out increasingly unique diamond cuts as centerpieces for their engagement rings.

Curating an incredibly specific collection of engagement ring designs based on your unique requests is what we specialize in! No diamond cut or stylistic design element is out of the question for us! With that being said, there is one non-traditional diamond cut worth highlighting that is sure to WOW your loved one with its spectacular shape, sparkle, and vintage flair!

Behold… the oval cut diamond!

Why Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Have Taken the Bridal World By Storm

The oval cut diamond, simply put, is different than all other diamond cuts, and for all the right reasons! With its rounded and slightly elongated ovular shape, the oval cut diamond beautifully and effectively covers more surface area on an individual’s finger, making it look larger than it really is, all the while exuding comparable levels of brilliance and scintillation as that of a standard round cut diamond. 

Also worth noting is the elongated cut itself creates a more suave, vintage, and up-scale look that is sure to catch the eye of any passerby. Having been around since the late 1950s, oval diamonds have seen an increase in popularity in recent years among couples and designers looking for a diamond cut that exudes individualism while still maintaining a classic look. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the oval cut diamond is all about and why it’s so strikingly different than other diamond cuts in the industry, let’s discuss some of the many ways oval cut diamonds could work into a bridal or engagement ring sure to meet your unique requests! Let’s Go!


Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval Diamond engagement rings like this one are more than just a beautiful statement. They’re unique in their shape and work well when standing alone as a solitaire, paired with side stones, integrated into a halo ring, or positioned with other diamonds around it for a cluster ring! 

No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, whether it be vintage, modern, or classic and refined, an oval diamond engagement ring is an on-trend and exciting way to pop the question! 

Our luxury diamond concierge service offered at ViaRaz makes finding the oval diamond engagement ring of your dreams easier than ever! Catered to your style and schedule, our concierge service is drastically different and far more efficient than shopping at your local jewelry store. Flexible scheduling and one-on-one consultations (either in person or online) allow us to curate a specific collection of diamond jewelry that is sure to satisfy your specific wants and needs, and exceed your expectations! Better yet, if we can’t find the oval diamond engagement ring you’re searching for, we’ll create it!

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Maybe it’s an oval halo engagement ring you’re on the hunt for. Not a problem! When you work with ViaRaz, we’ll present directly to you a curated collection of oval halo engagement rings that are sure to fall well within your specifications and budget. Being that we cut out the middle man, ViaRaz is able to provide you with luxury diamond rings at a fraction of the price you’d find at a jewelry store in your area.

What’s a halo ring, you ask? Notice in the image above the smaller diamonds that wrap around the center oval diamond stone in the shape of a ‘halo’? You guessed it… that’s why we call this style of engagement ring a halo. Oval halo engagement rings are a great option because not only do they showcase a lovely oval diamond stone as its focal point, but the smaller diamonds that make up the halo provide added size, dimension, total carat weight, and sparkle to your ring!

Oval Solitaire Engagement Rings

Maybe you’re looking for an engagement ring with one diamond stone that stands proudly alone. Oval solitaire engagement rings are the perfect choice for you! Because oval diamonds are so unique and bold in their appeal, they don’t require the assistance of other diamond side stones or a halo to really make them pop and deliver a sparkling statement! 

If you are wanting to prominently display an oval diamond stone in a solitaire setting, but still give it a touch of additional shine, consider coupling your oval solitaire diamond stone with a diamond infinity band like the one in the image above. With diamonds covering the entire golden band, this is a great way to add some emphasis to your oval solitaire engagement ring while still giving your center stone room to breathe and take center stage! 

Does this oval solitaire engagement ring speak to you? If so, let’s set up an appointment and we’ll work with you, on your schedule, to locate the perfect oval solitaire engagement ring of your dreams!

Gold Oval Engagement Rings

No matter the precious metal type you may choose for your ring’s band (all are great!), we think that the elongated oval cut diamond looks exceptionally radiant with a classic yellow gold band. There’s just something about the contrast from the warm, yellow-golden hue with a shimmering oval cut diamond that drives us wild in the best ways! 

Gold oval engagement rings would make for a perfect engagement ring choice if you’re looking for a bit of classic color contrast. For years, white gold has been the top precious metal choice for engagement ring bands, but of recent, yellow gold has risen in popularity, and it’s easy to see why! 

Do you love the way this yellow gold band looks when paired with an oval cut diamond? If so, let’s chat and discuss ways we at ViaRaz can locate the perfect one for you! Schedule your free consultation with us, here!

Rose Gold Oval Engagement Rings

Perhaps they’re feeling rosy, and a rose gold oval engagement ring is what your partner-to-be has in mind? With ViaRaz, we can curate a collection of rose gold oval engagement rings that are sure to make them smile from ear to ear! 

Rose gold is another fantastic precious metal that pairs exceptionally well with an oval cut diamond. With a slightly darker and richer golden hue, rose gold offers an even starker contrast when paired with a brilliant oval cut diamond. 

Like the rose gold oval engagement ring pictured above, adding a halo to your ring’s setting, filled with smaller diamonds, is a fantastic way to add an extra dimension of beauty to your ring while at the same time giving it a bit more size and total carat weight! What’s not to love?!


Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

When it comes to a diamond cut that pairs perfectly with a vintage or antique ring style, look no further than an oval cut diamond! Vintage oval engagement rings are an excellent choice for those who have a love for styles of eras passed, especially the Victorian era and Edwardian Era! 

Due to their already ‘vintage-esque’ ovular shape, oval cut diamonds are a match made in heaven when set in an antique-style band. Commonly found in vintage, antique, and estate jewelry cases, vintage oval engagement rings are gaining popularity, as trending styles shift more towards older fashion cues.

If you’re a lover of all things vintage and your dream is to adorn a vintage oval engagement ring when popped the question, let our team of jewelry experts here at ViaRaz locate a wonderful selection for you to choose from! Don’t forget to schedule your free one-on-one consultation, here!

For a Premier Diamond Jewelry Concierge Experience, Choose ViaRaz

If you are thinking of popping the question with an engagement ring that features a non-traditional diamond cut like that of an oval cut diamond, look no further than ViaRaz for help in your search. 

Unlock extraordinary value on the finest jewelry and enjoy the comfort and ease of a personalized concierge experience where specific jewelry designs are curated with your style in mind!

Our luxury diamond concierge service at ViaRaz makes finding the oval diamond engagement ring of your dreams a breeze! Let’s get started! Book an appointment with us today, drop us an email at concierge@viaraz.com, or give us a call at 415.354.0110