The Most Gorgeous Custom Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2022

From an ultra-rare natural green diamond to the revival of antique style engagement rings, celebrity proposals did not disappoint this year! Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own engagement ring or you just enjoy admiring the engagement ring styles of the rich and famous, read on for our list of the best celebrity engagement rings of 2022.

Abigail Breslin’s Brilliant Cut Diamond

Actress Abigail Breslin kicks off our list in style with a brilliant cut diamond. Breslin’s longtime boyfriend, Ira Kunyansky, swept her off her feet with a beachside lobster dinner in Malibu before popping the question.

The round diamond Kunyansky placed on her finger is a shining example of a brilliant cut diamond. Brilliant cut diamonds are faceted to be as radiant as possible, hence the name. The diamond is shaped with dozens of miniscule cuts in order to catch and reflect the maximum amount of light. Breslin’s diamond is a two-carat showstopper. Six delicate prongs hold the stone in place, while the band–likely platinum or white gold–is studded with shimmering pave diamonds.

A gorgeous ring like this one makes it clear why round diamonds continue to be the most popular choice for engagement rings.


Avril Lavigne’s Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Avril Lavigne hit the Grammys red carpet with an extra-special accessory this year. Her partner–fellow musician Mod Sun–proposed to her with a 5-carat diamond, cut in the shape of a heart. The band is illuminated by even more diamonds, set in the French micro-pave style. The pair met while collaborating on a song, and the band also features the first words the artist ever said to his now-fiance: “hi, icon.”

Apeksha Kothari, chief operating officer at Rare Carat, states that the heart shape is among the trickiest diamond cuts to exact, as it demands delicate rounded cuts in addition to the tapered, pointed finish. Due to its unique shape and eye-popping size, the diamond is valued at an estimated $750,000.

Lavigne has long exemplified unconventional style, so it only makes sense she’d have a bold engagement ring to match. This punk rock couple knocked it out of the park with an edgy custom design.


Jennifer Lopez’s Green Diamond Ring

Has a celebrity couple ever attracted such an invested following as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Nearly twenty years after they first began dating, and eighteen years since they broke off their engagement, fans were delighted to watch the couple rekindle their romance in 2021.

This long-awaited engagement deserved a show-stopping ring, and Ben certainly rose to the challenge. The actor selected an 8.5–yes, 8.5–carat diamond. As if that weren’t jaw-dropping enough, he also went to the work of sourcing one of the rarest natural diamond colors available. Lopez has long referred to green as her “lucky color,” so Affleck sourced a green diamond for his custom ring.

Rare Carat COO Apeksha Kothari explains that this fancy shade represents a miniscule fraction–less than 0.1%–of natural diamonds. Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, also gawked at the green gemstone, adding, “A green diamond of that size is incredibly rare and would dwarf the value of their previous engagement ring. I would value the ring well over $5 million, and it could be worth more than $10 million.”

We’ll never know for certain, but from the meaningful and sentimental choices he poured into this custom green diamond engagement ring, it seems Ben may have been dreaming of this engagement for years.


Joey King’s One-of-a-Kind Ring

Actress Joey King began dating producer Steven Piet in 2019. A quick scroll of her Instagram makes it obvious this young couple has been very much in love since day one. This year, Piet took the next step, dropping to one knee and opening a box to reveal an extraordinary custom ring.

King’s unique engagement ring features several diamonds in varying cuts. The center stone is an extra-long oval cut, sometimes called a “moval” since it pairs the length of a marquise diamond with the rounded edges of an oval cut diamond. Directly atop the elongated middle stone sits an epaulette cut diamond. The epaulette stone is flanked by two slightly smaller baguette diamonds. A split shank band in yellow gold ties this 3 carat diamond ring together.

Joey’s $100,000 engagement ring got so much attention that the once-obscure ‘moval’ cut is expected to be a hot trend in 2023.


Megan Fox’s Emerald and Teardrop Diamond Ring

Colson Baker–a.k.a Machine Gun Kelly–proposed to actress Megan Fox under the tree where he first told her he loved her. The rapper designed a custom ring composed of two gemstones, each with its own special sparkle. The emerald engagement ring boasts not only a beautiful Colombian emerald, but a radiant 7 carat diamond as well. Both stones are cut in a trendy teardrop shape.

Baker also got creative when designing the band. The larger ring can be split into two smaller rings–one for each gemstone. Small but powerful magnets, embedded in the white gold band, keep the pieces together. This innovative touch of modern design also serves as a sweet symbol of two lives intertwined.


Simone Biles’ Oval Diamond Ring

Football player Jonathan Owens popped the question to his gymnast girlfriend after two years of dating. Owens, who plays safety for the Houston Texans, took a knee in February of 2022 with a classic, gorgeous gazebo proposal. The simple venue ensured that Biles’ exquisite ring remained the center of attention.

Owens searched for several months to find the perfect diamond for his Olympic gold medalist fiancee, eventually settling on a 3 carat oval cut diamond. The solitaire sparkler in its delicate four-prong setting would’ve been radiant enough on its own, but Owens added even more glamor by encircling it with smaller stones to create a diamond halo ring. To cap off the beautiful design, he chose a platinum band studded with micro-pave diamonds.

Biles gushed over the gorgeous pave engagement ring on her Instagram, making it clear that Owens’ careful customization was a winner.

Sydney Sweeney’s Rose Gold Engagement Ring

It’s been a big year for actress Sydney Sweeney. She’s rocketed to fame thanks to roles on HBO’s popular shows Euphoria and The White Lotus; meanwhile, in her personal life, the star got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, tech heir Jonathan Davino. Though Sweeney has carefully kept her personal life out of the spotlight, the engagement ring Davino designed for her was bound to draw attention.

The 4 carat round diamond is a brilliant cut, and the stone’s many facets shimmer brightly in the California sun. A rose gold band perfectly accents the radiant center stone. The dazzling Davino-designed engagement ring is proof that rose gold won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of luxury engagement ring line The Clear Cut, valued the ring somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000–though its everlasting beauty is priceless.


Zawe Ashton’s Flower Diamond Ring

Actor Tom Hiddleston brought back an underappreciated antique style to pop the question to his new fiancee, fellow Brit and playwright Zawe Ashton. He customized a 5 carat center stone, haloed by smaller diamonds to resemble a flower. The whole look is supported by a gold tapered band. It’s estimated the vintage-inspired rock set Hiddleston back by $150,000.

The flower engagement ring was a popular choice in the Victorian era. Other celebrities, including singers Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, have also rocked these antique style engagement rings in recent years.


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