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The bigger the diamond, the more expensive the ring, right? What if we at ViaRaz told you that isn’t always the case?! As a luxury jewelry and diamond wholesaler, we cut out the middleman to provide you with a personalized jewelry concierge experience with access to premier diamonds and diamond jewelry, all at wholesale pricing to you. Instead of picking out a 3 carat diamond ring for an arm and a leg at your local jewelry store, let us help you find a ring with even more pizazz for a better price. Think classic engagement rings, 3 carat oval diamond rings, and as much shine as you could handle! Sit back and relax, because ViaRaz has the connections to provide you wholesale direct pricing on the jewelry design of your dreams. Best yet, working with us won’t just save you money, it will save you time.

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3 Is the Magic Number! Save & Sparkle with These 3 Carat Diamond Ring Styles

We may not have a magic wand, but we do have more than one stunning 3 carat diamond ring which is even better! Whether you choose some inspiration from one of our 3 carat rings, design your own, or give us an idea to go off of, we will walk through the design process with you.

Here are some styles that are sure to dazzle you or the loved one you’re shopping for:

  • Classic Engagement Rings: We have a vast collection of stunning engagement ring styles that will steal her heart.
  • 3 carat Oval Diamond Ring: Remarkable oval diamond ring styles naturally lengthen and slim the fingers with their unique shape.
  • 3 carat Emerald Cut Diamond ring: Emerald-cut styles are sure to hypnotize you! The elongated shape boasts incredible brilliance and beauty.
  • 3 carat Solitaire Diamond Ring: This cut is the most popular for a reason! As it is set with a single diamond, a solitaire stone can be elegantly worn with any style!
  • 3 carat Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring: Pear cut diamonds are intricate in their own right, effortlessly capturing our attention without the need for other diamonds to accentuate their sparkle.
  • 3 carat Marquise Diamond Ring: With a larger surface area, Marquise cut diamonds look larger than most other cuts when set into a ring.

Why is 3 carat the perfect size? Extra sparkle, of course! At 3 carats, your ring will attract the eyes of anyone passing by. The natural brilliance of a diamond becomes more and more apparent the larger it gets, as does a diamond’s fire and scintillation!

Say YES to a 3 Carat Engagement Ring

3 carat diamond rings are the perfect size for any finger and provide maximum sparkle and shimmer! What girl doesn’t love a big diamond ring? This 3 carat oval diamond ring has a stunning yellow gemstone at its central focus, full of warmth and tenderness. Surrounding it is a sea of diamonds that accent the center diamond and absorb the light in any room to reflect it back into the hearts of those that glance upon it. This band is white gold, but oval diamonds can also be set beautifully in a platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold band. The oval shape naturally makes the wearer’s fingers appear slimmer and longer and gives the diamond the appearance of being bigger than it actually is.

Shine On with a 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring!

This radiant 3 carat oval diamond ring with a double infinity band is sure to glimmer in any lighting. Our eyes naturally measure a diamond stone from top to bottom, making a 3 carat oval diamond ring appear larger than it actually is. Who could complain about that?!

Elevate your Sparkle with a 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Oh, how we love emerald-cut diamonds! Boasting 57 facets and featuring a rectangular or square shape, emerald-cut diamonds (often referred to as asscher cut or square emerald cut) do one thing better than any other diamond shape. They flash and emit beams of colorful, reflected light more than any other cut! With their profound clarity, large surface area, and linear, straight facets, emerald-cut diamonds are commanding and modern in their appearance. This 3 carat emerald cut diamond ring is elegant in its appeal! Flanked by trapezoid diamonds, the center asscher cut diamond is set in a white gold band for a clean and sophisticated look. Don’t fret in wondering if white gold bands are the only option for you. Emerald or asscher cut diamonds look stunning when set in platinum or gold bands of any hue! Choosing an emerald diamond for your engagement ring is a fantastic choice because this flashy diamond cut is unique, geometric, and modern – giving you a look that is completely your own!

Shimmer & Shine Like Never Before with a 3 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring

Most view a round brilliant diamond ring as the classic engagement ring design. This astonishing 3 carat solitaire diamond ring features a clean and refined white gold band, allowing the radiant round brilliant diamond stone to take center stage. Round brilliant diamonds are incredibly popular because their facets are cut for optimum brilliance and scintillation. If you’re looking to add a bit more shine, round brilliant diamonds can be set into a band with several smaller round or cushion-cut diamonds to act as a halo and accentuate the larger center stone.

Perfect Pizaaz?! Pick a 3 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring!

What a heartstopper! This striking yellow gold 3 carat pear-shaped diamond ring is jaw-dropping with its elegant infinity band. To add the perfect amount of contrast to the large center stone, this dainty gold band is equal parts stylish and practical, allowing the ring to slip nimbly onto any finger while showcasing the rich, pure brilliance of the center stone.

Often referred to as a “teardrop diamond” pear cut diamonds are a unique diamond shape and are known for their graceful elegance. Featuring a rounded bottom that tapers to a pointed tip, the most coveted and valuable pear-cut diamonds feature nearly flawless symmetry. Pear cut diamonds are a universally flattering choice for an engagement ring, and this 3 carat pear-shaped diamond ring would make for a flatting engagement ring, indeed!

Make a Bold Statement with a 3 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring!

What does a 3 carat marquise diamond ring say about you? You have an eye for vintage and classic style, that’s what! A marquise diamond has a larger-than-life personality and is perfect for those that love to look and feel glamorous. Smaller round diamonds surround the central marquise-cut diamond stone in a halo design that wonderfully accentuates and adds to the radiance of this 3 carat marquise diamond ring. Carat for carat, a marquise diamond has one of the largest surface areas in terms of its crown size as compared to other diamond shapes, and with its 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends, it creates the illusion of greater size! Commonly found in more vintage styles and designs, who wouldn’t say yes to the marquise’s royal, narrow shape! Whether you’re watching a movie at home or out with friends, this glittering 3 carat marquise diamond ring will elevate your style and level up your confidence!

Get Max Sparkle for Less! Shop 3 carat Diamond Rings with ViaRaz, your Private Jewelry Concierge Experience.

Everyone wants to buy a big diamond. Who doesn’t love a grandiose amount of glimmer? Don’t let the idea of a high price tag deter you! At ViaRaz, we work directly with you so you get a personable diamond shopping experience and direct wholesale pricing on premier luxury jewelry designs.

Whether we meet face-to-face or via video chat, we want to make sure nothing comes between our partnership with you. Instead of purchasing 3 carat diamond rings with a massive mark-up that will break your bank, set up an appointment with one of our diamond experts! At ViaRaz, we strive to guide you effortlessly through the entire design and buying process so we can offer to you the perfect diamond jewelry design at an affordable price!